by Fuji//Yama

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Eight tracks recorded over the course of 6 months. We should've put this out a year ago.

open up this fucking pit (:


released January 8, 2016

Logan Sos - Guitars and Vocals
Tyler Postiglione - Guitars and Vocals
Stephen Pettinelli - Bass, Vocals
Evan Moscaritolo - Drums, Vocals (kinda)

Recorded by everyone
Mixed by Tyler Postiglione and Evan Moscaritolo
Mastered by Tyler Postiglione

Cover Art by John Martin



all rights reserved


Fuji//Yama Easton, Pennsylvania

Fuji//Yama is a post-rock and metal band from Easton, PA. We take ambient very seriously.

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Track Name: Brave
I have not known pain.
But I have seen the pearly gates.
Please lift me up
Teach me how to be brave.

And so,
where do we go under?
And so,
Where do we depart from all things that drive me mad?
Track Name: Gossamer Groups
I became who I chose
Had to let go of those detrimental souls
I was being pulled down into the pits
And yeah i guess
My only escape
Was to pull out these roots
It stung and it burned
But I still..
To be broken by isolation and grief
Pull me and push me but i'm never..
I'll never come back
Never again around here

What it feels like
What does it feel like?
Track Name: Someday After Tomorrow
Oh god my darling I'm not ready to die.
So keeps your hands open.
Track Name: Mask
There's no comfort in this, especially when you only come to visit when i am trying to gain peace
Appearing like mist and vanishing just as quick

I've been holding on to this for too long

With a mouth full of blood on a futon the conversation never left your lips
Sweet bliss, how it surrounds me, I am dreaming this time
When won't it burn?
When won't i feel this
When won't it hurt
When won't it destroy me every day

You are equal to deaths cold arms and i have been grasped

Wandering mountains, Surrounding trees
Wondering what all this means to me
I am alone, with symphonies of blue and green
A mask of foliage in my face
Melts away without a trace
One small part of the green within the harmony

You were floating in greyscale
Close by on my skin, i swear i felt you next to me
I swear, i felt you run away from me
Where do i begin?
Don't turn the other way
I'm whispering
"Love, don't fade"

Where do i begin?
Whispering "Love don't fade"
Don't turn the other way
I am breaking at the core
I am burning both of my hands
Track Name: Atonement
It's ending winter all around me
My eyes are getting dim and it's getting harder to see this changing pattern
Always a changing pattern
Security is the antithesis of all these habits and it's eating me alive
So i will make this quick, my list of regrets
I want to change myself
But i want to break myself down

Please God, are you listening?
I know we've had a rocky past but I'd be willing to give it all away
if you would just make this stop
I think i'm worth a shot

All at once i felt the earth beneath my feet
The synergy of your gravity
When you said "It's not okay living alone"
All at once I was atoned.
Track Name: The Coldest Winter On Record
Maybe one day I will learn to fit in, to be comfortable in my own skin
No, not today
So until then, I will run away before i'm caught in this circle
I can't even pretend that i'm not

Focus on this

Does the whole world make you feel empty?
And yet words pour out in streams
Twisting like rivers without a mouth from the gaping depths of my cortex

Summer run off in this blood
In my heart the winter always remains
August storms can't sway me
In my heart the winter always remains

So I turn to you
My dear
My friend
I know i'm caught in this circle
I know
You are my pride, my heart
Your eyes are my beautiful demise